Gerrit Jacob de Gelleke, geb. te Milwaukee, WI 19 aug 1872, ovl. te Milwaukee, WI 21 feb 1960, begr. te Wisconsin Memorial Park, Wisconsin, US, zoon van Pieter de Gelleke en Anna (Antje) Davelaar
Architect - Van Ryn & de Gelleke

Gerrit deGelleke was born in Milwaukee on August 19, 1872, the son of Peter and Anna (Davelaar) de Gelleke, both natives of the Netherlands. Following his graduation from the Ninth Ward School, he attended the old East Side high school in Milwaukee. He studied architecture under Henry J. Van Ryn then formalized his education at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1897. That same year he returned to Milwaukee and joined Mr. Van Ryn. The partnership was quite significant in Milwaukee and designed all the city’s public schools between 1912 and 1925, in addition to completing many other public and commercial buildings.

From 1905 to 1918 he was architect for the Milwaukee School Board. From 1935 to 1953 he was architect for the University of Wisconsin Extension Division. Along with Mr. Van Ryn, Mr. deGelleke designed County Emergency, St.Luke’s and Burlington Memorial Hospitals, Riverside, Washington, Juneau and Janesville high schools, Milwaukee University School, the main building of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Vocational School, Sabin Hall at Milwaukee-Downer College, and the Caswell and Strauss buildings. He also designed the Marine National Exchange Bank, the First Reformed Church of Milwaukee and the First Reform Church of Milwaukee.

In Wausau, Van Ryn and deGelleke designed the Neo-Classical Revival Yawkey house at 403 Mclndoe Street. In 1910 the partners designed the telephone building at 521 Fourth Street, now completely encased in contemporary brick facing.

Gerrit deGelleke was married in 1906 to Miss Sylvia DeHeus of Milwaukee. Together they raised five children. He was a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, director of the Central State Region of the Institute, and a member of its Juryof Fellows, chairman of the Lake Front Committee, director of the Wisconsin Home and Farm School, director of the WMCA in Milwaukee, and chairman of the Architects Division of the Wisconsin Registration Board of Architects and Professional Engineers. He was also a member of the Milwaukee Athletic Club, Milwaukee Rotary Club, City Club, University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association and the Wauwatosa Curling Club.

Gerrit deGelleke, at age 87, died in Milwaukee on February 22, 1960. He is buried in Wisconsin Memorial Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Gehuwd te Milwaukee, WI, US 27 sep 1906 met:
Sylvia de Heus, geb. te Milwaukee ± 1886
1) Sylvia de Gelleke, geb. te Milwaukee, WI, USA 8 jan 1909, ovl. te Cuyahoga, OH, US 20 sep 1994 met:
2) Gerrit J. de Gelleke, geb. te Milwaukee, WI, USA ± 1912, ovl. te Milwaukee, WI, US 13 mrt 1959
3) Janet de Gelleke, geb. te Milwaukee, WI, USA ± 1914
4) Dorrit de Gelleke, geb. te Milwaukee, WI, USA ± 1918, ovl. te Milwaukee, WI, USA 1981 met:
James E. Cormany, geb. ± 1915, ovl. te Milwaukee, WI, US 28 feb 1973
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