Cornelius ("Corny") vanDame, geb. te Rochester, Monroe, New York 14 apr 1855, ovl. te Chicago, Cook, Ill. 7 nov 1912, On his record of death is his age: 57 years, 6 months and 24 days. He was reported dead by his wife Carrie, 440 Oakley Blvd. Chicago, Cook, Ill. Ward 13-8.
Cornelius and Carrie have lived there between 1908 and 1912.
, begr. te Rose Hill, Chicago, Cook, Ill., zoon van David sr. (David vanDame) van Damme en Elisabeth Maria (Lizzie/Libbie) Ets
Cornelius was printer/painter.
1876: 916 Forest Cleveland, OH
1880: 33 Linden Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Cornelius was Dutch Reformed

Gehuwd te Cuyahoga, OH, US 28 sep 1881 met:
Carrie J. Quackenbush, geb. te Ohio 1860, ovl. na 1920, begr. te Erie Cemetery - Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH, dochter van Nicholas Quackenbush en Louisa N.N.
1) Mabel Gertrude vanDame, geb. te Cuyahoga, OH 25 jan 1883, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 2 aug 1883, Mabel overleed aan "Cholera Infantum"., begr. te Monroe cemetery 6 aug 1883
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