F.L. Chamberlin met:
Harriet G. Green
1) Alice Ruth Chamberlin, geb. te Hudsonville, Michigan 19 dec 1892, ovl. te Miami, Dade County, Florida 33143 1984, begr. te Miami Memorial Park, South Miami, Florida 1984
Gehuwd te Hudsonville, Ottawa, Michigan 20 mei 1917 met:
Harley Wesley van der Boegh, geb. te Hudsonville, Michigan, US 1 sep 1893, ovl. te South Miami, Florida, US 1962, He studied and played the violin in his youth. Later he played in the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ottaker Malek. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWI. He was stationed on the USS Rambler. After he was married he moved to Detroit and worked for the Packard Automobile Company. After moving to South Miami he purchased a garage and for 12 years operated school buses for the Dade County School Board. In 1941 he purchased a canning factory in South Miami, canning beans and tomatoes for the Armed Forces. He was also the Commander of the American Legion in South Miami and was instumental in the purchase of 10 acres on which has been built a Legion Home. During WWII he was the Mayor of South Miami., zoon van Albertus Cornelius (Neil) van der Boegh en Luella L. (Lucille) Fuller
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