Hubertus Frans Smits, geb. te Bolsward, FR, NL 10 dec 1815, ovl. te Almelo, NL 29 jan 1914, zoon van Frans Hubertus Smits en Anke Nannes Jelbersma (Jelmersma) met:
Wilhelmina Kamp, geb. 1814, ovl. te Almelo, NL 1 apr 1882, dochter van Harmen Hendrik Kamp en Fenne Kuipers
1) Hubertus Jans Smits, geb. te Amsterdam 1843, ovl. te Almelo 24 okt 1924
Gehuwd te Almelo, NL 22 feb 1872, @N1069@ met:
Maria Schoonakker, geb. te Zierikzee 26 jan 1847, ovl. te Almelo 22 sep 1925, dochter van Cornelis Schoonakker en Jobina Koolen
2) Hendrik Jacobus Wilhelmus (Henry) Smits, geb. te Amsterdam, NL 25 jan 1845, ovl. 21 mrt 1904, Cause of death: pneumonia., begr. te Woodland Cemetery Internment Record #48136 Section 87, Grave 146, Tier 1 24 mrt 1904
Lives in 1870 in Almelo, NL.
Henry made shoes in the Netherlands before coming to the US. During the journey the sailboat struck a sandbar. He and his son Hubert were on deck when they saw a huge wave coming that looked as if it would sink the boat but instead it lifted it off the sandbar. In USA: Boiler Maker

Elizabeth and Henry arrived with their family in Cleveland April 1882 on the passenger liner, Wilhelm II. They sailed from Amsterdam to New York. (Castle Garden) . ) and arrived the 2nd week of march 1882. The trip lasted two weeks.

Immigration Papers: Applied for First Paper - 06 April 1885 while living at 136 Lyman St. Cleveland.
Granted: 26 October 1887 - Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court

Last residence: : 134 Becker - Cleveland, OH Ward 22. Death Infor.Name: Mrs. Albert Smith.

Gehuwd te Almelo 6 nov 1871, @N1213@ met:
Elizabeth Hergemöller (Hergemueller), geb. te Kralingen, NL 6 jan 1844, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 23 apr 1915, Woodland Cemetery Internment Record #63496 Section 87, Lot ?, Grave 145.

Last residence: 4215 Bucyrus, Cleveland, OH
Her granddaughter, Ruth Van Dame (Minnie's infant child) is buried on top of her.

Cause of Death: Cereberal Hemmorage
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Medical Information: Contributing Cause: General Paralysis - 7 days
, begr. te Woodland Cem. Cleveland, OH 26 apr 1915, dochter van Jan Justus Hergemöller (Muller) en Hendrina Geertruida Postma
3) Fredrika Francina Smits, geb. 1847, ovl. te Almelo 18 okt 1847
4) Frederik Gerhardus Smits, geb. 1849, ovl. te Almelo 1 mei 1876
kleermaker; geboren te Almelo, Stad
5) Frans Smits, geb. te Almelo 1852, ovl. te Almelo 13 jan 1853
6) Frans Bernardus Smits, geb. te Almelo 4 feb 1854, ovl. te Hengelo 6 okt 1878
Lives in 1877 in Hengelo, OV, NL

Gehuwd te Almelo, NL 2 aug 1877 met:
Neeltje Hergemöller (Hergemueller), geb. te Kralingen, NL 1851, ovl. te Rotterdam 29 jul 1888 1e huwelijk 2e huwelijk, dochter van Jan Justus Hergemöller (Muller) en Hendrina Geertruida Postma
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