Hendrik Jacobus Wilhelmus (Henry) Smits, geb. te Amsterdam, NL 25 jan 1845, ovl. 21 mrt 1904, Cause of death: pneumonia., begr. te Woodland Cemetery Internment Record #48136 Section 87, Grave 146, Tier 1 24 mrt 1904, zoon van Hubertus Frans Smits en Wilhelmina Kamp
Lives in 1870 in Almelo, NL.
Henry made shoes in the Netherlands before coming to the US. During the journey the sailboat struck a sandbar. He and his son Hubert were on deck when they saw a huge wave coming that looked as if it would sink the boat but instead it lifted it off the sandbar. In USA: Boiler Maker

Elizabeth and Henry arrived with their family in Cleveland April 1882 on the passenger liner, Wilhelm II. They sailed from Amsterdam to New York. (Castle Garden) . ) and arrived the 2nd week of march 1882. The trip lasted two weeks.

Immigration Papers: Applied for First Paper - 06 April 1885 while living at 136 Lyman St. Cleveland.
Granted: 26 October 1887 - Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court

Last residence: : 134 Becker - Cleveland, OH Ward 22. Death Infor.Name: Mrs. Albert Smith.

Gehuwd te Almelo 6 nov 1871, @N1213@ met:
Elizabeth Hergemöller (Hergemueller), geb. te Kralingen, NL 6 jan 1844, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 23 apr 1915, Woodland Cemetery Internment Record #63496 Section 87, Lot ?, Grave 145.

Last residence: 4215 Bucyrus, Cleveland, OH
Her granddaughter, Ruth Van Dame (Minnie's infant child) is buried on top of her.

Cause of Death: Cereberal Hemmorage
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Medical Information: Contributing Cause: General Paralysis - 7 days
, begr. te Woodland Cem. Cleveland, OH 26 apr 1915, dochter van Jan Justus Hergemöller (Muller) en Hendrina Geertruida Postma
1) Elisabeth (Bertha) Smits, geb. te Almelo, NL 2 dec 1867, ovl. te in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 9 apr 1955, begr. te Knollwood Cem. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 14 apr 1955
On Marriage certificate of her parents in the Netherlands, it is noted that a pre-nuptial child born to this couple was legalized through this marriage. This was Elizabeth (Bertha) born 2 December 1868.

Elizabeth lived at the following addresses according to the Cleveland city directories:
1891 - 11 Foljambe
1896 - 126 Beecher St.
1910 - 7210 Linwood Ave.
1933 - 2139 West 59 St (married to Barge)
1937 - 2155 W. 58 St. Cleveland - (married to Vander Ploeg)
1940 - 5158 W. 58 St. Cleveland, OH - widow of John Vander Ploeg
1948 - 1954 3198 W. 162 st. Cleveland, OH (with son William and wife Elizabeth.)
1954 - Cleveland State Hospital - Dementia

The Cleveland State Hospital is no longer there, but when it was, it was near the intersections of Warner Rd., Turney Rd., Broadway Ave. and Miles Ave. All four of these streets come together as they run diagonally. It was actually in the city ofCleveland, but very close to the border of Garfield Hts. If you can see Calvary Cemetery on a map, it is right to the west of it. After son, William's death on July 29, 1954, she was in Cleveland State Hospital. She had dementia and her daughter-in-law could not medically take care of her.

Ohio Death Certificate # 22808 -
Cause of death Intertrochanteric fracture of left femur. - Due to thrombosis of right lateral dural sinus and cerebral thrombosis. Accidental Fall
Knollwood Cemetary #14481 Buried April 14, 1955 Section 21, Lot 468 N/2 and S/W corner

The cemetary deed issued August 10, 1915 was transferred from Albert Smith to Wm. J. Barge (2139 W. 59 St., on January 25, 1929
Also in this plot, are her friends from Holland the Kuipers, and a Lila E. Bayus who lived at 15304 Braemer Rd., in the West Park area of Cleveland, OH Don't know the relationship or why Lila Bayus is buried in this plot.

Cause of Death: Fall while suffering from dementia
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed.

Death Infor.Name: Elizabeth Van Oeveren Smith
Emigrated: 1882, From Almelo, Netherlands
Naturalization: 1 May 1911, Naturalized via Husband, Albert
Occupation: Housewife
Other Marriages: William J. Barge and John Vander Ploeg

Gehuwd te OH 28 okt 1886, @N1173@ met:
Albert (Smith) Smit, geb. te Rijssen 19 feb 1864, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 20 sep 1923, Cause of Death: Cancer of esophagus - sick for 10 months.
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Death Age - Obit: 1923, 59 years, 7 months
, begr. te Knollwood Cem. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 22 sep 1923, zoon van Jannes (Jan/John) Smit en Egber(t)dina van de Brugge
Emigrated: September 1881, From Netherlands to Cleveland, OH.
Naturalization: 1 May 1911, Applied Sept 1886, Granted 16 October 1886 Cuyahoga Probate Court28
Occupation: Molder in Iron Works
2) Hubert Frans Smits, geb. te Almelo, NL 22 apr 1871, ovl. te Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co. MI. 1 nov 1948, Cause of Death: Heart attack
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed

Hubert came with his parents to Cleveland in April 1866 on the Wilhelm II from the Netherlands.
He was the only one in his family to graduate from high school (East High School in Cleveland).
He worked for Ford Motor Company and moved to Ann Arbor Michigan where he lived directly across from the University of Michigan football stadium.
Occupation: Ford Motor Executive - Michigan (Friend of Henry Ford)

Gehuwd te in Cleveland , Cuyahoga OH 24 aug 1898 met:
Jennie te Kempel, geb. te OH voor 1880, ovl. te Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co. MI 5 aug 1955
Death Infor.Name: Dutch Reformed
3) Jan Justus Smits, geb. te Almelo 1874, ovl. te Almelo 10 feb 1875
4) Henry Smits, geb. te NL 22 mei 1876, ovl. te in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 24 jul 1919, Henry is buried on top of Father Henry J. W. - Section 87, Grave 146, Tier 1.

Cause of Death: General Paralysis of the Insane
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Death Age - Obit: 24 July 1919, 43 yrs, 3 mo, 2 days
Emigrated: March 1882, Wilhelm II - Almelo, NL to Cleveland, OH
, begr. te Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, OH 28 jul 1919
Notes for Henry Smitz/Smits/Smith:
An alcoholic, Henry was not married.
Occupation: Machinist

Last residence: 7010 Linwood Ave - Cleveland, OH
5) Frank William Smits, geb. te NL 2 dec 1878, ovl. te Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, OH. 5 apr 1960, Date: Apr 7 1960, Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #156.
Notes: Smith, Frank W., age 81, late residence, 4551 Tiedeman Rd., City of Brooklyn, beloved husband of the late Louise (nee Dremann), dear father of Mrs. Grace Bunch and Mrs. Lois Lanzendorfer, both of Cleveland, James of Darvis, Calif., Charles of Thiensville, Wis., and the late Frank, brother of John, also grandfather. Friends may call at Sauer's Funeral Home, 4801 Memphis Ave., where services will be held Friday, Apr. 8, at 1:30 p. m. Rev. Wilmer H. Wernecke officiating. Interment Brooklyn Heights Cemetery.

Notes for Frank William Smitz/Smits/Smith:
1910 Census: Lived at: 2414 Saratoga Ave. Brooklyn, Cuyahoga County, OH
1940 Cleveland City Directory: same address as above. (Occupaton listed as machinist)

He lived there until he and wife, Louise were elderly, and they went to live with their daughter, Grace Smith Bunch and husband Cecil Bunch at 4551 Tiedeman Rd, Brooklyn, OH

Ohio Death Certificate State File No. 026340
Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarction

Gehuwd te Cleveland, OH 27 okt 1904 met:
Louise Margaret Dremann, geb. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio 9 feb 1880, ovl. te Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, OH 11 mrt 1959, Notes: Smith, Louise Margaret (nee Dremann), age 79, late residence, 4551 Tiedeman Rd., city of Brooklyn, beloved wife of Frank W., dear mother of Mrs. Grace Bunch, James of Davis, Calif., and Mrs. Lois Lanzendorter. Charles of Theinsville Wis., and the late Frank, also grandmother. Friends may call at Sauer's Funeral Home, 4801 Memphis Ave., where services will be held at 3:30 p. m. Saturday, Mar. 14, Rev. William T. Turnbuil officiating. Interment Brooklyn Heights Cemetery., begr. te Brooklyn Cem. Cleveland OH 14 mrt 1959
6) John Smits, geb. te NL 1880, ovl. te NL 1881
7) John Smits, geb. te Almelo ± 1881, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH ± 1882
8) John Edward Smits, geb. te Cleveland, OH 3 dec 1884, ovl. te Cleveland, OH 25 jul 1961
John's parents lived on Lyman Street, Cleveland, OH when he was born.

1937 Cleveland City Directory: (bartender) lived with sister, Minnie & family at 7908 Star Avenue.
John played minor league baseball. He never married and lived with his sister Minnie and her husband, David Van Dame until Minnie died in 1940.

He then lived with his brother Frank William and his wife, Louise.

He had gangerene and both legs were amputated.
Died at University Hospital Reese Convalescent Home - 812 Crawford Road
Ohio State Death Certificate State file No. 47395
Cause of Death: Probably coronary sclerotic heart disease.
9) Minnie Gertrude Smith, geb. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 4 nov 1886, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio 11 dec 1940, Notes: Van Dame: Minnie, beloved wife of David, mother of William, Bernice, Edna and David. Friends may call at Albert E. Ziehm, Inc., Funeral Home, 7618 Superior ave., where services will be held Friday, Dec. 13, at 2 p. m.
Minnie lived at 7908 Star Ave.

Originally buried in Woodland Cemetery. Reburied in Hillcrest Cemetery. Minnie died of Carcinoma.
, begr. te Woodland 13 dec 1940
Notes for Minnie Gertrude Smith:
Minnie is William Henry Smith's aunt. The Smits family in Minnie's generation changed their names to Smith.

She was a pianist and served the Old Dutch Reformed Church as pianist/organist. The church was located at Woodland Ave. & 79th Street, Cleveland, OH

She had breast cancer and had a complete mastectomy in 1932. She lived until 1940, but was in bed most of the time.
David Arthur vanDame, geb. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga,OH 6 aug 1890, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 16 jul 1953, Cause of Death: Cereberal Hemmorage - stroke
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Death Infor.Name: Protestant - Baptized Dutch Reformed
Medical Information: Had his first stoke in 1959
Occupation: Federal Program during 1930: WPA; taxi driver
, begr. te Hillcrest Cem., Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH, zoon van David Arthur jr. van Dame en Hendrika (Henrietta) Helmink
David was hotel clerk, taxidriver.

1910 Census: Lived at 8815 Beckman
1940 Cleveland City Directory: (cab driver) 7908 Star Avenue - Cleveland, OH
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