Hubert Frans Smits, geb. te Almelo, NL 22 apr 1871, ovl. te Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co. MI. 1 nov 1948, Cause of Death: Heart attack
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
, zoon van Hendrik Jacobus Wilhelmus (Henry) Smits en Elizabeth Hergemöller (Hergemueller)
Hubert came with his parents to Cleveland in April 1866 on the Wilhelm II from the Netherlands.
He was the only one in his family to graduate from high school (East High School in Cleveland).
He worked for Ford Motor Company and moved to Ann Arbor Michigan where he lived directly across from the University of Michigan football stadium.
Occupation: Ford Motor Executive - Michigan (Friend of Henry Ford)

Gehuwd te in Cleveland , Cuyahoga OH 24 aug 1898 met:
Jennie te Kempel, geb. te OH voor 1880, ovl. te Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co. MI 5 aug 1955
Death Infor.Name: Dutch Reformed
1) Ruth Smith, geb. te Cleveland , Cuyahoga Co. OH 21 jun 1899 met:
Joseph Howell
2) Edna E. Smith, geb. te Cleveland , Cuyahoga Co. OH 16 jan 1903, ovl. te MI 19 aug 1990 met:
Cave ?
3) Blanche Smith, geb. te Pennsylvania 25 sep 1906, ovl. te Ann Arbor, Washyrnwe, MI 48013. 1977 met:
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