Jannes (Jan/John) Smit, geb. te Wierden, OV, NL 10 sep 1825, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, US 5 okt 1888, zoon van Gerrit (Garrit Hendrik??) Smit en Aaltje Beverdam
Egbertdina en Jannis emigreren in 1881 naar de VS, samen met zoon Albert, dochter Gerritdina en schoonzoon Jan Beunk.
Jannes was a weaver in holland.

Gehuwd te Wierden 22 nov 1851, @N1156@ met:
Egber(t)dina van de Brugge, geb. te Rijssen, OV, NL 5 sep 1828, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 13 mrt 1909, begr. te Woodland 15 mrt 1909, dochter van Berend (Berend Brugge) van de Brugge en Antonetta Aleida Hinnink
1) Gerritdina Smit, geb. te Wierden, OV, NL 15 aug 1850, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US voor 1900
Gehuwd te Ambt Almelo 13 apr 1877 met:
Jan Beunk, geb. te Almelo, OV, NL 30 jul 1855, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 19 jul 1940, zoon van Jannes Beunk en Geertruid Grobben
Jan en Gerritdina emigreren in 1881, samen met hun twee kinderen naar Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, US. Arrival: sept 1881.
Jan reist in 1922 naar Nederland voor familiebezoek en komt op 30 september 1922 vanuit Rotterdam weer in New York aan. Hij reisde met het schip de Rijndam.
2) Berend Smit, geb. te Wierden 8 aug 1853, ovl. te Wierden 17 mei 1858
3) Aaltje (Alice Smith) Smit, geb. te Wierden, OV, NL 26 jul 1856, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, US 13 mrt 1909, Huisman-Mrs. Albert, at her mother's, Mrs. E. D. Smith, passed away at their home, 7611 Colfax rd., after a few days' illness of pneumonia. Funeral from First German Baptist church, cor. Kinsman rd. and Griswold st., Monday at 2 p. m. standard., begr. te Woodland Cemetery 15 mrt 1909
Gehuwd te Ambt Almelo 1 nov 1878 met:
Albert Huisman, geb. 1855, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 4 mrt 1909, zoon van Klaas Huisman en Gijsinna Scharlotta Bottes
Albert woont in 1900 245 Colfax.
4) Albert (Smith) Smit, geb. te Rijssen 19 feb 1864, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 20 sep 1923, Cause of Death: Cancer of esophagus - sick for 10 months.
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed
Death Age - Obit: 1923, 59 years, 7 months
, begr. te Knollwood Cem. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 22 sep 1923
Emigrated: September 1881, From Netherlands to Cleveland, OH.
Naturalization: 1 May 1911, Applied Sept 1886, Granted 16 October 1886 Cuyahoga Probate Court28
Occupation: Molder in Iron Works

Gehuwd te OH 28 okt 1886, @N1173@ met:
Elisabeth (Bertha) Smits, geb. te Almelo, NL 2 dec 1867, ovl. te in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 9 apr 1955, begr. te Knollwood Cem. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. OH 14 apr 1955 1e huwelijk 2e huwelijk 3e huwelijk, dochter van Hendrik Jacobus Wilhelmus (Henry) Smits en Elizabeth Hergemöller (Hergemueller)
On Marriage certificate of her parents in the Netherlands, it is noted that a pre-nuptial child born to this couple was legalized through this marriage. This was Elizabeth (Bertha) born 2 December 1868.

Elizabeth lived at the following addresses according to the Cleveland city directories:
1891 - 11 Foljambe
1896 - 126 Beecher St.
1910 - 7210 Linwood Ave.
1933 - 2139 West 59 St (married to Barge)
1937 - 2155 W. 58 St. Cleveland - (married to Vander Ploeg)
1940 - 5158 W. 58 St. Cleveland, OH - widow of John Vander Ploeg
1948 - 1954 3198 W. 162 st. Cleveland, OH (with son William and wife Elizabeth.)
1954 - Cleveland State Hospital - Dementia

The Cleveland State Hospital is no longer there, but when it was, it was near the intersections of Warner Rd., Turney Rd., Broadway Ave. and Miles Ave. All four of these streets come together as they run diagonally. It was actually in the city ofCleveland, but very close to the border of Garfield Hts. If you can see Calvary Cemetery on a map, it is right to the west of it. After son, William's death on July 29, 1954, she was in Cleveland State Hospital. She had dementia and her daughter-in-law could not medically take care of her.

Ohio Death Certificate # 22808 -
Cause of death Intertrochanteric fracture of left femur. - Due to thrombosis of right lateral dural sinus and cerebral thrombosis. Accidental Fall
Knollwood Cemetary #14481 Buried April 14, 1955 Section 21, Lot 468 N/2 and S/W corner

The cemetary deed issued August 10, 1915 was transferred from Albert Smith to Wm. J. Barge (2139 W. 59 St., on January 25, 1929
Also in this plot, are her friends from Holland the Kuipers, and a Lila E. Bayus who lived at 15304 Braemer Rd., in the West Park area of Cleveland, OH Don't know the relationship or why Lila Bayus is buried in this plot.

Cause of Death: Fall while suffering from dementia
Church Affiliation: Dutch Reformed.

Death Infor.Name: Elizabeth Van Oeveren Smith
Emigrated: 1882, From Almelo, Netherlands
Naturalization: 1 May 1911, Naturalized via Husband, Albert
Occupation: Housewife
Other Marriages: William J. Barge and John Vander Ploeg
5) Maria Smit, geb. te Wierden, OV, NL 9 aug 1870
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