Pieter Meeuwsen, geb. te Axel 1813
Gehuwd te 's-Heer Hendrikskinderen 2 mrt 1837 met:
Maartje Veerhoek, geb. te Kloetinge 1814
1) Pieternella Meeuwsen, geb. te 's Heer Hendrikskinderen 29 okt 1832, ovl. te Grand Rapids, MI, US 20 mei 1905
De ouders erkennen Pieternella bij hun huwelijk in 1837.

Gehuwd ± 1856 met:
Paulus Steketee, geb. te Borssele 24 feb 1834, ovl. te Grand Rapids, MI, US 12 mrt 1899, zoon van Jan Cornelisse Steketee en Maria Janse Fraanje
Paul Steketee, a Dutch immigrant, came to Grand Rapids in 1850. In 1862 Steketee and John H. Doornich formed a dry goods operation that would become one of West Michigan's oldest retailers. The two ran the store for 10 years before a fire devastated the business. Following the fire, Doornich sold out to Steketee, who brought his family on board to help run and rebuild the operation. With the growth of Grand Rapids the family decided to build a larger 8 story flagship store on Monroe Avenue, the city's retail hub. The store opened with much fanfare in 1915. The draw of Steketee's Grand Rapids store was big enough that the family decided to expand its operations in the 1950s opening its first satellite store in 1958.
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