Evert John Helmink, geb. te Holland 7 feb 1825, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio 9 feb 1912, begr. te Woodland Cemetery, zoon van Hendrik (Henri) Helmink en Hendrika Wossink (Wolsink)
Evert emigrated in 1868 from Aalten to the US.
His wife and at least one child also travelled. The name Nijman was written as 'Neuman' in the US.

Gehuwd te Aalten 14 jul 1854 met:
Janna Geziena Smees, geb. te Aalten ± 1815, ovl. te Heurne (Aalten) 19 dec 1857, dochter van Anthonij Smees en Dela Loman
1) Doodgeboren kind, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 13 aug 1856
2) Arent Jan Helmink, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 12 aug 1857, ovl. te Heurne (Aalten) 24 mei 1858

Evert John Helmink
Gehuwd te Aalten 20 mei 1858 met:
Dela (Delia) Nijman (Neuman), geb. te Aalten 29 nov 1832, ovl. 12 feb 1913, begr. te Woodland Cemetery, dochter van Evert Nijman (Neuman) en Berendina Bulsink
1) Arent Jan Helmink, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 7 mrt 1859, ovl. te Heurne (Aalten) 6 mei 1859
2) Johanna Gesina Helmink, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 22 feb 1860
3) Hendrikus Helmink, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 22 jan 1862
4) Everdina Helmink, geb. te Heurne (Aalten) 5 sep 1863 met:
5) Hendrika (Henrietta) Helmink, geb. te Aalten (Holland) 10 dec 1866, ovl. te Willoughby, Lake County, OH 1951
Woon/lives abt. 1900 Cleveland City, Cuyahoga Ohioh, US.

Notes for Henrietta Helmink:
Died: 26 February 1951
She was living with her son, Everett and his wife, Charlotte, and fell on a rug and broke her hip. She had it operated on. While she was in the hospital healing from the operation, she went for therapy and fell again and broke it again, so another operation had to be performed. She was weak and in poor health after that.
Emigrated in 1868 according to 1920 census.

Gehuwd te Cuyahoga 28 aug 1889, @N1061@ met:
David Arthur jr. van Dame, geb. te Rochester,Monroe, New York 13 nov 1857, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH 6 jan 1901, 42 years old at age of death, died from 'Exhaustion Epilepsy'. Duration of illness = 3 weeks.
Name of Physician: A. B. Howard - Undertaker - John H. 'Melohn'. Born in NY, both Mother and Father born in Holland. Residence at time of death: 165 Outhwaite Ave., Cleveland, Ward 22.
He died at Cleveland State Hospital. He died of what was referred to as 'painterís colic' - lead poisoning from the paint. The Dr. told him to avoid the lead from 'poisoning' his body, he should drink 1 oz of liquor per day. He wouldn't do that, as their religion would not allow them to drink liquor of any kind.

David was dutch reformed.
Het graf werd in 1934 hergebruikt.
, begr. te Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, OH 1901, zoon van David sr. (David vanDame) van Damme en Elisabeth Maria (Lizzie/Libbie) Ets
Born november 1859, painter. Gaat in Cuyahoga wonen.
Notes for David Arthur Van Dame:
06 January 1901: When he died, he had five children - the eldest child was 10 1/2 yrs old. He was a house painter. His wife Henrietta Helmink remarried in 1902 to Leonard Walbeck.
6) Delsey Delani Helmink, geb. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 1869, ovl. te Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, US 1869
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