Cornelius James van Dame, geb. te Rochester, NY 1866, ovl. te Rochester,Monroe,NY 23 sep 1932, Laatste adres: Hayward Ave., begr. te Riverside Cemetery Rochester, Monroe County, New York 1932, zoon van Mattheus H. vanDame en Antoinette (Annie/Dinah) N.N.
Occupation: Miller.

Gehuwd te Rochester, NY 10 okt 1888 met:
Mary Ann Fordham, geb. te Pittsford, England 9 nov 1868, ovl. te Rochester 5 okt 1913, dochter van Robert Addison Fordham en Elisabeth Walker
VANDAME - Sunday, October 5, 1913, at her home, No. 51 Penn street, Mary FORDHAM VANDAME, the beloved wife of C. J. VANDAME, aged 45 years and 24 days. Besides her husband she leaves four sons and two daughters, Matthew H., Arthur R., Cornelius J. and Edward L., and Laura A. and Anna E. VANDAME; three sisters and five brothers, Mrs. Frank MILLARD, of Geneva; Mrs. Harvey SHARP, Mrs. E. COON and William J., Arthur W., Robert A., Daniel J. and Officer George G. FORDHAM, of this city, and one granddaughter, Bernice F. VANDAME. She was a member of Primrose Lodge, No. 72, (unreadable) Burial from her late home Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
1) Lowell van Dame
2) n.n. van Dame met:
Walter Seabrook
3) n.n. van Dame met:
4) Matthew H. (Uncle Mat) van Dame, geb. te Rochester 1 jul 1889, ovl. te Rochester 11 mrt 1954, begr. te Riverside Cemetery
Matthew died of Diabetes.
Matthew H. residence 1937: Garland street 63, not far from his sister Laura Antoinette Laplant and her husband Raymond who lived on nr. 101

Gebeurtenis: gebeurtenis FROM 1939 @N1190@
Nellie Z. , geb. 2 aug 1889, ovl. te Rochester, Monroe, New York 15 feb 1980, begr. te Riverside Cemetery
Nellie died of Heartdisease. Her last address was 14559 Spencerport, Monroe, NY
5) Arthur R. van Dame, geb. te Rochester, Monroe,New York 1892, ovl. te Rochester, Monroe, New York, begr. te Mount Hope 2 mei 1952
Arthur lived 35 Lenox Street. city of Rochester, county (gemeente) Monroe, state New York. (census=volkstelling). Arthur was film worker for the Kodak Co.
ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE: Saturday 27 aug. 1929:

Motorist injured, another arrested.

Charged with driving while intoxicated after his touring car is said to have hit another head-on In Lake Avenue, near Glendale Park, early this morning. Warren T. Bennett, 11 Rome Street, was locked up In the Lyell Avenue Police Station.
The other machine was driven by Arthur Van Dame. 36. of 46 California Drive, who received back Injuries. Bennett is said by police to have been driving south in Lake Avenue on the wrong side of the Street. He was arrested by Van Dame, who turned him over to Sergeant Wildey and Policeman Hussey.
Arthur died of Arteriosclerosis in 1952.
Ella L. Butters, geb. 1 mrt 1893, ovl. te Rochester, Monroe, New York 19 apr 1971, dochter van William Butters en N.N.
Her last address was 14450 Fairport, Monroe, NY
6) Laura Antoinette van Dame, geb. te Rochester, NY 1895, ovl. ± 1948 met:
Joseph Thomas Laplant, geb. te Virginia, US ± 1896, ovl. te WEST PALM BEACH FL, US ± 1970
7) Cornelius J. jr. (Casey) van Dame, geb. te Rochester,Monroe,New York 1899, ovl. 26 feb 1951, begr. te MountHope
Cornelius died of Tuberculosis.
Pearl J. Burse, geb. ± 1901
8) Anna E. van Dame, geb. te Rochester,Monroe,New York 1902, ovl. te Fairport 1 apr 1934, begr. te Mount Hope 5 apr 1934 met:
Raymond E Kohl, geb. 19 aug 1898, ovl. te Fairfield, OH, US 8 sep 1995
9) Edward Lewis (Lawrence) van Dame, geb. te Rochester,NY 12 jan 1904, ovl. te Rochester, Monroe NY 5 mei 1970, begr. te Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester,Monroe,NY,US 8 mei 1970 met:
Marian Anna Stubbs, geb. te Rochester, NY 15 sep 1904, ovl. te Rocky River, OH 1985, begr. te Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester,Monroe,NY,US 14 nov 1985, dochter van Benjamin Stubbs en Alice German

Cornelius James van Dame met:
Ella (Ellen) Ulrich, geb. 10 dec 1870, ovl. te Rochester, Monroe, NY 9 mei 1931, Laatste adres: Atkinson Street., begr. te Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Monroe, NY 12 mei 1931 1e huwelijk 2e huwelijk

Cornelius James van Dame met:
Ida Sara (McCaulley) Huston, geb. te Ontario,Wayne Co,NY 5 dec 1875 1e huwelijk 2e huwelijk 3e huwelijk, dochter van Charles E. Huston en Frances M. Gurnee
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